100PCS Solder Sleeve Heat Shrink Butt Waterproof 26-10 AWG Wire Splice Connector

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  • 100% brand new and high-quality made.
  • These High-quality heat shrink butt splice connectors for wire connection that provides excellent waterproof sealing and protection from mechanical damage combined with Anti-Corrosion effect.
  • Just heat these solder seal wire connectors and they will easily connect both sides of the wires and seal them up to make a reliable waterproof connection.
  • The outer layer of connector tube is made from polymer that shrinks under the heat and two glue compound circles on both sides of a tube, which will seal the connection and will make it waterproof.


  • Shrink ratio 2:1
  • Minimum recommended shrink temperature: 80°C / 176°F
  • Minimum recommended solder melting temperature: 138°C / 280.4°F
  • For best results we recommend the use a heat gun!
  • No wire damage due to low shrink temperature
  • Best shrink temperatures: 125°C - 130°C / 257°F - 266°F

Package Includes:

  • 25x white: diameter 1.5mm, for cable cross section 0.25 - 0.35mm² (AWG 26-24)
  • 35x red: diameter 3mm, for cable cross section 0.5-1.0 mm² (AWG 22-18)
  • 30x blue: diameter 5mm, for cable cross section 1.0-2.5 mm² (AWG 16-14)
  • 10x yellow: diameter 6mm, for cable cross-section 4.0-6.0 mm²  (AWG 12-10)